Mail Services

The Mail Room Service Center obtains discounts through the United States Postal Service (USPS) as a result of our automation and barcoding processes. We are able to provide a wide-variety of mail services that ultimately save your business time and money. Contact us today to discuss our services, including how they can save your business time and money.


The Mail Room Service Center has two Multi-Line Optical Character Readers (MLOCR). They can barcode and sort 24,000 to 40,000 pieces of mail per hour. Using barcodes, we’re able to generate postage savings and faster delivery for our customers.

Another method we use to barcode mail is Remote Video Encoding (RVE). This state of the art equipment allows us to capture and send an image of the mail piece to a remote location, where it is determined what barcode should be applied. A fluorescent orange barcode is used to match that piece of mail with its correct barcode.

New to our mail processing equipment is the OPEX. This machine gives us yet another way to barcode a piece of mail. OPEX is designed specifically to barcode the pieces of mail that the other equipment has rejected.

Departmental Storage

More information soon.

Metering Postage

The Mail Room Service Center will apply the postage to your mail, saving you the expense of leasing equipment or renting a meter. We have eight Pitney Bowes posting machines.


In order to obtain automation rates, or to prevent a folded self mailer from being damaged, your mail pieces should be tabbed shut. Our RENA UT361 allows us to apply one or two tabs to a mail piece (weight of the paper determines placement of tabs).

International Packaging & Shipping

We provide international packaging and shipping services through carriers such as UPS and FedEx. Packages shipped through us are insured. In addition, you may track your packages online.

Pick-Up & Delivery

The Mail Room Service Center has a large fleet of vehicles and courteous drivers to provide pick-up and delivery services. Call to schedule a pick-up today.


The Ai300 Address Imager gives us the ability to print addresses, permits and return addresses on envelopes, postcards and self-mailers. (flat and letter size).


The Bell & Howell MailStar 6 station inserter allows us to insert 6 pieces at once. We can also manually insert any material that is not machinable, such as bulky mail pieces or business cards.


Letters, newsletters, and marketing brochures need to be folded before machine inserting into envelopes for postage discounts. Let us handle this tedious work for you!


The Mail Room Service Center provides printing services for items such as forms, newsletters, and invoices with variable data.